atWar | 像<大战役>,<文明>,<轴心国与同盟国>的免费战争策略游戏



atWar: 战略游戏,不只是在线<大战役>

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar是一个受到由<大战役>与<文明>的战争游戏影响的免费在线多人战略游戏。(点击查看差别) 这里你可以在精细的地图上用数百的城市和国家同其他玩家切磋战略的艺术,并基于真实或虚构的世界的战役创建自己的地图和场景。


Latest news

With the scenario editor right around the corner (follow this thread for updates), we've been making changes to make everybody feel more comfortable in the game. We turned back at the community to listen for suggestions for the mod team. Some days ago we've promoted three newer moderators:

Congratulations to Sultan, Aetius and Alexis! Good Luck! Everybody's looking forward to see how it goes.

We're also sad to announce that both Columna Durruti and Cold Case have decided to retire from the team. Their efforts and knowledge will be missed!

We will also miss Hugosch, Desu and Milkyy, who have gone inactive. Thanks you guys for everything!

Laochra is also leaving the team. Putting the flame war aside it is true that he did many good things for this game. Thanks you, Lao!

If you guys have any suggestions, please message any of our fellow Moderators and they will look into it.

04.06 - The atWar Press #16
07.05 - The atWar Press #15
25.04 - Map & scenario editor updates
22.04 - The atWar Press #14
31.03 - Map editor is live!
15.03 - Clovis is the new Admin
21.02 - Map editor alpha updates
08.01 - Map editor alpha release!
13.12 - Christmas Sale - All Premium Subscriptions Are Now -50%!

Amok - 程序编制
Ivan - 设计, 网站
Clovis - 程序编制

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